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Shred Everything

We accumulate, hold on to and store up so much in this life. All of these once loved, half loved, or unloved objects, feelings, points of view stick to us like limpets and barnacles, dragging us lower, keeping us back.

Personally, this last year has been difficult, and it’s left a lot of wreckage in its wake. This show is about taking all that unfortunate jetsam, tearing it to bits and using the resulting shrapnel to build something new and vital to take its place.

The paintings that you see in this show with a heavy texture owe the majority of their lumps and bumps to various shredded financial documents from 2010. That paper is in a better place now. The works from the “Chop Shop” series are composed of pieces from various paintings on plywood that have been kicking around the studio for some time; pieces that just weren’t working.

It’s always a good time to throw that old flotsam over the rail, flush the bad old ways. Let it rip, tear it up, shred everything.

Gerrard Art Space, September 2019

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