Matt G Wood


Custom masks

Pandemic in style!  A simple cloth mask designed for everyday use, imprinted with images of Matt's art.


about me

I love seeing the accidents happen, watching the shapes of things appear in the trail of a sweeping trowel, my eyes filling up with colour.  I love the bounce of the canvas, the resistance of the wood, the smear of the paint.  Most of all I love the collaboration that happens with a piece as we work out together what it wants to become.


I'm a big fan of Matt Wood's work. A large-scale painting of his was my first significant art purchase, and I get a thrill every time I look at it. My painting, Rice Lake, elevated our living room when staging our old home for sale, and in our new home it has pride of place - we've decorated a room around it!


Beyond appreciating the strength and beauty of the painting I own, I realize that the colour sense, skill and execution in each of Matt's abstract paintings reminds me of how a jade carver works: only removing what's needed to reveal the shape waiting inside. Matt's application of colour, texture and movement is as much about what the paint wants to do as it is about how he feels while he's working - which is why his painting evokes complicated feelings and my enjoyment and appreciation is never dimmed.

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