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The Things Behind the Things in Front

Matt G Wood’s paintings stem from a belief that there is deep mystery in the world waiting just behind the world that we can see. "I am passionate about the way that the very big is so much like the very small, the way that simple rules and shapes can create complex patterns, and the idea of multiple worlds all existing at the same time, one on top of the other." He uses an intuitive approach and non-traditional tools in a process designed to generate surprises and random events in order to sneak up on these things behind the things in front.


“I am in love with the way that landscapes and figures and whole worlds can appear from behind my sweeping trowel, without me ever putting them there. That is the ideal for me, painting something without painting it on purpose, but rather just helping it to appear.” He will often begin a piece with his eyes closed and without intention, “to draw something out from that wordless place within that I can then work with and respond to.”  He will then lay down layer after translucent layer, collaborating with the piece, allowing the painting to build and develop into what it wants to be.


A largely self-taught artist, Matt incorporates tools and processes from his background in carpentry and plastering in the creation of his works. He has been painting for over 20 years and since 2012 has had multiple solo exhibitions and participated in several group shows. His work can be found in both private and corporate collections. His upcoming solo show “No Idea” will be at Gerrard Art Space from September 9th to 27th.

Matt lives and works in Toronto

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