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This piece is part of the Chop Shop series. It is a remix of sorts. Over time the studio tends to accumulate a buildup of works – some of which work, and some of which that do not for whatever reason.  They may have some special moments, but don’t really come together as a whole. In the past, I would shove them to the back of the racks, or even take them to the dump (a cathartic experience unto itself), but this past fall I decided to do something a little different and see if I could put those misfits to better purpose. To that end, I cut them up on the table saw into 6" squares and then reassembled them into new, remixed creations (one of the benefits of working on plywood). The squares are affixed to a solid plywood substrate with French cleats on the back for easy hanging.

Chop Shop 3

  • Mixed media on plywood, 2019. 18"W x 12"H x 2"D. Mounted.

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